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Uptown Dragon Paperback

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In Uptown Dragon, 10-year-old Kamal discovers a baby dragon in the inner city after seeing a mysterious streak of light fall from the sky. Bringing the dragon home and naming him Ziggy, Kamal attempts to teach him things like how to play basketball, which Ziggy masters and how to fly, which Ziggy...doesn’t quite master. As Kamal and Ziggy’s friendship grows, so does Ziggy - springing from lizard-sized to dog-sized to horse-sized and beyond!

Too big to keep a secret in his bedroom any longer, Kamal and Ziggy search the city for Ziggy’s new hiding place when they’re discovered by workers who alert everyone, including the authorities, to Ziggy’s presence. Now on the run, Ziggy takes flight for the first time, with Kamal riding his back, as the two race to escape Ziggy’s capture.

Uptown Dragon is a heartwarming tale of friendship and perception that's a must-have for every family’s library. Lavishly illustrated using 3D technology, each page is carefully crafted to bring the beauty of this story to life.