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The Genius of Egypt

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The Genius of Egypt is the incredible story of the world’s first multi-faceted genius, Imhotep, and his amazing adventure from humble student to magical healer to eventually becoming the savior of the entire kingdom of Egypt. Set in 2600 BCE, Imhotep’s journey includes themes of courage, the quest for knowledge, and the idea that believing in yourself is where your true power lies.

Imhotep’s journey starts as a young scribe devoted to learning while being guided by his wize and knowledgeable father, Kanofer. It doesn’t take long before Imhotep discovers he has an extraordinary skill for healing wounds and curing sickness. This magical talent elevates him to the royal heights of Egyptian power when he saves the life of the Pharaoh’s daughter. But his success is short lived when a 7 year curse befalls the entire kingdom and Imhotep must go on a dangerous quest across an unyielding desert and crocodile-infested water to save the empire.

Lavishly illustrated in full-color, using 3D technology, each page is carefully crafted to bring the exotic beauty of ancient Egypt to life. Young readers will learn various facts about ancient Egypt and feed their imaginations with tales of magic, danger, and age-old mysteries. The Genius of Egypt will give your child a greater understanding and appreciation for ancient African history with stunning visuals to go along, too. It is a must-have for every family’s library.


About the Author

Marlon McKenney is an Award Winning San Francisco-based illustrator, author and creative director with over 20 years of professional advertising experience working in San Francisco’s top ad agencies. As a hands-on creative leader with real production chops, Marlon has a diverse skill set including video, interactive and a strong communication and presentation background. Solution oriented and optimistic, he has worked with Fortune 500 brands like Apple, Sony, Suzuki, EA, Motown, Universal Records, and JPMorgan Chase & Co., and continues to push creative boundaries.

He began his career as a Flash designer and Art Director for Gap Inc, Electronic Arts, and a plethora of advertising agencies including DDB, Publicis, and Digitas. Shifting his focus from interactive to broadcast, he later expanded his skill set to include video directing, motion graphics and editing. Working on a wide variety of brands from technology and pharmaceutical to video games and urban culture, Marlon develops strong client relationships and delivers emotionally-resonant creative that successfully achieves business goals.

In 2016, Marlon McKenney founded the independent publishing company, Conscious Culture Publishing. CCP is now a leading creator in African historical fiction and diverse multi-cultural content. Leveraging 3D technology, Conscious Culture creates highly-detailed illustrations and animations that bring African histories, mythologies, and legends to life.