The Beauty Of Racism by Aziz Bey - Book

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A year before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. decried “the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism” in his speech “Beyond Vietnam.” Building on Dr. King’s words, Aziz Bey discusses the five columns that support the house of racism that European powers have constructed. These categories of racist support—capitalism, religion, civil law, entertainment, and police and military violence—are used to further the interests of white Americans at the expense of their black counterparts.

Drawing on his firsthand experiences with racism and incorporating his study of Dr. King’s speech, Bey proposes an intense examination of the social structures that continue to oppress black Americans and disguise white interests. This system is nothing less than an American caste system, designed to prevent social change that moves toward racial equality.

The Beauty of Racism pulls back the curtain on the mechanics of race, revealing readers’ places within the caste system and encouraging a new appreciation of the black community in America and abroad. Readers of all ages and races will come away with increased knowledge of the mechanics of race—and the ability to decide how to use this knowledge for the betterment of humanity.