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This comment is addressed to the owner and/or the person who shipped my order. I received my items a day ahead of the estimated time of delivery. When I opened the package I saw an invoice with a handwritten note of thanks and gratitude, and there were two free gifts! I was overwhelmed with my own gratitude. Customer service is huge to me, and my order was handled with excellent customer service! I had a choice of were to order from, and wanted to support our own. Thank you for providing great customer service and free gifts. You will receive another order from me in the near future. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I assure you that every single thought, hope, wish, comment, and love that you sent my way is sent right back to you and yours too. I am deeply touched at not just the customer service, but also the personal approach with genuine appreciation. You have put a cool- aid smile on my face and in my heart. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Peace and Blessings, Khalifa

Hi there! I just received my order yesterday, and I want to say thank you for the sample of your new Vanilla & Tobacco body oil. Lord have mercy, this stuff smells WONDERFUL!!! My cousin, Hawanya Smith, has been a customer of yours for many years, and she got me turned on to your body oils back in 2012. Ever since then, your Vanilla Fantasy has been my long-time favorite - but I've fallen completely head over heels IN LOVE this new Vanilla & Tobacco since I tried it yesterday. I am completely amazed at how beautifully these fragrances jive with each other, and I'm convinced that Shades of Afrika is the ONLY place I'll ever buy fragrance oils from again! So thank you, so much, for this. I love the quality of your products, and I look forward to buying a bottle of this new fragrance the next time I'm ready to order. You guys are simply the best, and it is a genuine honor to buy from one of the FEW black-owned and black-run businesses in the state. God bless each of you as you carry on towards greatness. Be blessed and be encouraged, for always. Thanks again!!!

Charles Davis

Renee is absolutely amazing, I've been frequenting her store since she was on E 3rd Street......She should be recognized as LB's business woman of the year soon........Let all keep supporting her stores in Long Beach and Corona!!!

Brian J., Long Beach, CA

Shades of Africa, don't get it twisted. If you are into African Art, this is the place to fill your desires, if the item(s) you are looking for is not in the store, Renee will order it for you.

Michael L D., Long Beach, CA

Love this place owner was knowledgeable and sweet! Would love to get my hair done here. I've been a natural for 3 yrs! Place has a lot of great products even ones that have been hard for me to get offline that youtuber's sell! Will Recommend

Nett G., Redondo Beach, CA

As a naturalista, this is my "go-to" spot. This place carries everything you need to help maintain healthy hair and skin. From raw butters to essential oils, you name it, more than likely Shades of Afrika carries it. I go there to purchase Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). For an extra cost, Renee, the owner, adds peppermint oil to it (this stuff is the TRUTH! Google JBCO if you want to know the benefits). This place overall, is cozy and inviting. As one yelper said, its like being in a living room. The owner is very helpful so if you aren't sure about a particular product, she can and will assist you.

Akisha B., Long Beach, CA

Shades of Afrika is the only store in California that carries Uncle Funky's Daughter. That alone merits a high star rating because they make some great hair products. However, this store is cool besides that, carrying lots of stuff that people find useful and hard to find. The employees were really helpful and parking was a breeze.

Mimi E., Santa Monica, CA

I don't know what I could say that would translate effectively into words the value - and resource - this store is. This is not your bargain basement cultural shop. They have top shelf products and services, some of which are created right in the store. Shades of Afrika is simply, creme de la creme. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and not aggressive with any sales tactics. There is a familiarity when walking into the store that causes you to immediately relax. In fact, you feel as if you're walking into the shop of your aunt, or cousin. Now for what they offer? Chile, I could be on here all day if I communicated the myriad of selections in the store, just know that if you go in there, don't expect to walk out empty-handed. Truth be told, I generally make a bee line to what I want (generally shea butter, essential/fragrant oils, and incense) and take deep breaths hoping no one will come up to the register with anything else I will like! LOL. Take a trip up to 4th street to Shades of Afrika. You will NOT be disappointed.

Patricia H., Long Beach, Ca

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