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Relax Me Healthy - Smokeable & Tea Blend

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Relax Me Healthy 

Smokeable & Tea Blend


Blue Lotus - Calming Euphoria/Aphrodisiac/Sedation

Catnip - Aromatic/Remedy for cough and cold/relaxes muscles

Chamomile - Reduces tobacco cravings/good for transition away from cigarettes/buffer from stress and anxiety

Cultsfool - Anti-inflammatory/treats coughing, asthma, laryngitis, stuffy nose, and headaches

Damiana - Can be harsh/fights coughing/treats contipation/Aphrodisiac

Lavender - Protects against airborne viruses and bacteria when diffused and helps promote relaxation and sleep

Mugwort - Eases menstural/Relaxes nervous system, digestion stimulant

Mullein Leaf - Calm feelings, reduces heartburn, can sooth your throat

Passion Flower - Lowers blood pressure and anxiety

Queen of the Meadow - Gentle opening/expands psyche/removes barriers gently and subtly

Raspberry Leaf - Alternative to smoking tobacco / has vitamin A, C, and phosphorus to boost immune system

St. Johns Wort - Anxiety and mood disorders

Wild Dagga - Induces feeling of euphoria/psychoactive and healing properties/calming and relaxing

Yerba Santa Leaf - Curbs appetite/decreases fatigue/can relieve cough or bronchial irritation



7 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Sharon Stewart 22nd Mar 2024

    Smokable blend Tea

    Help with pain relief. I Had two surgeries a few years ago on my neck and nothing seemed to help. This has helped bring my pain down a lot. I also let my sister have some and she has neuropathy in both her feet, and it has helped her pain as well.

  • 5

    Glenda Callier 4th Mar 2022

    Smokable & Tea Blend

    Help ease your pain

  • 5

    Sheryl 20th Jun 2021

    Relax me healthy

    I have gotten better sleep and this has only been from a short time of using the product. I expect great results.

  • 5

    Seker Nefer Ta Ra 12th Apr 2021

    Great mix of herbs!

    Nice mix of different herbs!

  • 5

    Lena 31st Jan 2021


    I bought this because I sampled it from my cousin who had the product. I was blown away on how the effects left me feeling so relaxed and calm. I had the best sleep that I haven’t had in a while. Totally recommend this blend.

  • 5

    Drew 20th Jul 2020

    Relax me healthy tea blend

    Love the product and the other included items!

  • 5

    Christina 28th May 2019

    Love the taste

    This tea smells amazing. I brewed this tea instead of smoking tastes very good. It is relaxing...makes me sleepy. Will purchase again.