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Back to Africa movements? The conditions, the push and pull factors, the processes, the destinations, the results. The lessons learned and guiding principles. The need to stop being late to plan for and prepare for epoch changes is now. Marcus Garvey got a lot right, he was obviously a century before his time. Remember he did not start with a back to Africa movement. But he ended there. Kheperu (2020, 403 pages, plus color) addresses the past need to leave to go to Africa, and the present conditions. For those with no purpose other than leaving, go where you choose. For those with, plan, purpose, and infrastructural possibilities for a Renaissance of African civilization in this lifetime we introduce the following.

KHEPERU answers why, how, and with what... To build renaissance: You are from the United States and most of the English speaking Caribbean. You will need to go to (1) English speaking and (2) the result of 100s of years of [some] African populations assisting murderous predatory Arabs and Whites in their genocidal slavery holocaust of you, therefore (3) you cannot in mass go back into African nations with a history of assisting enslaving without fundamental constitutional amendments in place---especially since none of them have admitted their part of the crime, sought repentance and reconciliation in deeds then offered some form of material reparations. That would be an initial mistake, especially in a time of crisis; they will revert to their degeneracy and you will be the scapegoat.

Study the history of pogroms. Therefore, for English speakers, target the English speaking countries in Africa with no direct history of selling enslaved Africans into the diaspora to Arabs and Whites. And focus...For the young people who have asked me over the years, this is my initial general answer. How? With what? Why? And with whom? We have nearly completed a 21 year research project on this back to Africa question. Our attention turned to it and KHEPERU (Fundamentals of Back to Africa Movements) is complete.

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    Excellent book! Excellent condition! Very fast delivery!

    Posted by Tristan H. on 20th Aug 2020

    Really exciting and thorough information contained herein!