Karkar & Chebe Hair Paste

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Karkar & Chebe Hair Paste
Ancient Authentic Sudanese Recipe | Reduces Hair Breakage & Retain Length

I am always open to learning about the many ways that other cultures take care of their hair. From Chad (Chebe) now on to Sudan! It is amazing to note that both cultures used animal fat in their respective mixes. I have formulated a product with the same ingredients as the Original Karkar Oil from Sudan. The only extra ingredient is our famous Chebe powder. This butter contains the secret ingredients found in Sudan’s traditional recipe for hair growth. When combined with chebe powder, the combination leaves hair healthy, strong and silky when used consistently.

The AllAfrica.com Web site writes……..

“Traditionally, Females mix sesame oil with honey wax and use it as a hair cream. Here the sesame oil is first heated on fire. Then bee honey wax and animal fat are then added. Perfume is then added to the mixture. Locally known as karkar, this cream is believed to thicken the hair, remove dandruff and stop hair fall.” Quote from https://allafrica.com/stories/201708140419.html

This is the thicker version from weekly treatment. There is another listing for a lighter version that you can use daily

INGREDIENTS:  Virgin Cold-Pressed Sesame Seed Oil, Ostrich Oil, Cow Fat, Chebe, Honey Wax, Fragrance.

INDICATIONS:  The combination of Chebe and Karkar greatly reduces hair breakage and aids length retention.

DIRECTIONS:  Can be used as a treatment by applying to damp hair. Cover with plastic cap for an hour or longer.  This can also be used for your twist-outs.  Repeat every 3-5 days.