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Initiatic Tales of Hej-Ptah | Kemetic Initiation Stories by: Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

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Deep in the bush of Tamerri (Africa). Initian students sit at the feet of their Masters, captured by the stories their Elders carefully share with the younger generation. Eyes widen and mouths drop as the students are taken by the special tales they hear around the campfire. The stories are more than just stories, however, and the Initiates know that each tale contains ancient wisdom and knowledge to help guide them on their journey. 

The stories told in Initiatic Tales of Hej-Ptah are those told in the "Mystery School" Initiation camps deep in the African bush. They are the same Initiation Stories that were told to Pharaohs and their Priests in the Temples of Thebes and Memphis 


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