Garner's Garden "Antibacterial Facial Cleanser" (Step 1)

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  • Combat against acne and eczema
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Will not clog pores

Instructions: Shake well before each use. Pour a small portion of the mixture into the palm of your hand and close both hands together and massage into skin. Let it dry and gently rinse your face with water. Pat dry face and follow up with Garner's Garden facial toners and one of our face oils.

This product contains Neem oil which is a powerful and helpful oil that promotes skin health – read below for the awesome benefits of Neem oil.

FYI: If you are not used to using Neem oil, it has a very strong and potent smell. But after rinsing off your face with water, you will no longer be able to smell it. The benefits of this oil outweigh the cons!

Ingredients: 3% Food Grade H2O2, aloe vera, witch hazel, Neem Oil, Hempseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Peppermint essential oil.