Earthe's Gift: How Earthe Overcame Procrastination to Reclaim the Gift - Book

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In this sequel to the Amazon best-selling fable Sunne's Gift, Earthe is a magical being or “magbee.” Nyame, the Creator of the planet Wiase, imbues Earthe with the power of the earth or soil. Earthe’s siblings, Sunne, Watre, and Winde, are also magbees and they have unique powers of their own. Nyame instructs all four magbees to make sure that taking care of the planet Wiase is their first priority. All of them want to comply, but will distractions get in the way? Join Earthe and the other magbees, as they learn that their gifts and talents must be nurtured with work. Earthe's Gift's lessons surrounding diligence, strong work ethic, self-care, preventing screen addiction, and environmental stewardship, coupled with its sci-fi imagery, make it a hit with people of all ages.


Softback Book.