Dr. Goss New Body Herbs "Slippery Elm"

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Slippery Elm is a gentle and soothing herb for the stomach, intestines and urinary tract. It is an excellent food in convalescence and debilitated states, especially when digestion is weak. It is also nutritious when taken regularly and a good baby food. It can bring instant releif from acidity, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis. Applied externally, it softens and protects the skin. Its soothing properties relieve conditions such as: Dryness of the respiratory tract, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colic, Hemorrhoids, Diverticulitis, Coughs, Sore Throat, Cold & Flu, Bronchitis, Ulcers, Nausea

Each capsule contains 100% of the following:


This product contains no fillers, binders or other additives.