Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism - John Henrik Clarke

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John Henrik Clarke, Master Teacher, constantly urged all the people he has come in contact with to see the truth about human history by pursuing the path of enlightenment through knowledge: first of self, one’s people and then others.  He has constantly predicted that this path of wisdom would lead to improvement and a new day for Africans everywhere.

As a role model and mentor to many, Dr.Clarke always stated clearly that you cannot understand world history without understanding the central role of African history.
This short and clearly written book gives the reader a sense of the urgency of African and world history at this moment in time.  The title subject matter of this publication reveals its significance and relevance. Dr. Clarke carefully teaches the reader about European nationalism and how it continues to function in relation to the liberation struggles of black people. Additionally Professor Clarke was mindful that some seek to obtain knowledge quickly. This small book allows the reader to do just that.