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Sage & Smudge

Sage & Smudge

Posted by Ryan Eloise on 10th May 2018

Shades of Afrika Blog Post - Sage & Smudge

Smudging is a practice that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in some cases for the spiritual cleansing or blessings of a persons space or self. The most widely used herb is white sage which is burned to bring about cleansing of unwanted energies.

New to smudging? Read our instructional and watch our sage and smudge tutorial below.


Step 1: Apply flame to the sage stick until the smoke rises clearly

Step 2: Wait until the flame dies down so it smolders- Do not shake flame but let it subside naturally

Step 3: Carry the stick in your power hand (the hand you write with) and move to the main door in the room

Step 4: Trace around the door in a clockwise motion then proceed to the right

Step 5: Stop at each door and window to trace around it

Step 6: Move the stick above and below furniture being careful to catch the ash

Step 7: Continue around the room until you reach where you started

Step 8: Extinguish the stick and save for future use

What To Say and Look For:

As you move abound, you may state aloud that you wish the room cleared of negativity, that you wish peace and joy to enter, and that evil must leave. You can call on help to accomplish this from ancestors, angels, guides or the universe in general.

As you smudge, notice how the smoke moves, Pause every few feet and watch the smoke rise. If it rises straight up- the area is clear, but if the smoke seems to turn oddly- there may rest some negative energy, mischievous spirit, or a connection to someone who wishes you ill. To clear this space, hold the smudge stick in place until the smoke rises straight up. If it is around an object, pass the object through the smoke several times and then hold the smoldering sage stick above the object and see if the smoke will rise straight up.


To smudge a room involves walking around the room with the smoldering sage. Always smudge with care. If a breeze from a fan or open window catches loose burning sage leaves, they may spread in the room, perhaps causing something to catch fire. It is suggested to carry a dish with a little water in it to catch the ash. For example an abalone shell.

Including abalone shells in your smudging will add extra purification to you cleansing of your self or your space.

How To Conduct
A Cleansing Of Your Space Video

You can find all your tools for cleansing your space at Shades of Afrika. Have you ever tried smudging your space? We would love to hear about it below.