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Otito Graphics Comics - Written & Illustrated By Ottis L Smith

Otito Graphics Comics - Written & Illustrated By Ottis L Smith

Posted by Ryan Eloise on 16th Apr 2018

Shades of Afrika Blog Post - Otito Graphics

Are you into comics?

If so Ancient Kemet comics is something you'll want to look into. Written by Ottis L. Smith, the Ancient Kemet comic was released December 2014.

The Ancient Kemet comic is only at its second issue but the 3rd is set to be released very soon.

Ancient Kemet Comic BooksAncient Kemet

Here is a synopsis of what to expect.

"Ancient Kemet"

"Travel back in time when Mother Africa was called the land of Alkebulan suckling Empires so mighty; that for the rest of time their achievements would give credence to the existence of giants and aliens. Prepare to follow one of the oldest of these Kingdoms forged by the children of the sun called Cush, also known as Nubia as she struggles to keep the ways of Ma’at and order alive in her walls. All the while hearing her daughter Kemet cry in agony after being invaded and ceased by the ruthless Asiatic Shepard Kings or better known as the Hyksos. Watch a balancing act that will change the course of the entire world and the Rulers, Warriors, and the Neterus who will stand between their people and a entire world that is hell bent on enslaving the Children of the Sun and taking their achievements for their own."

- Ottis L Smith Writer and Illustrator of Ancient Kemet Comic

Ottis L Smith's other works include:

"Nest Invasion" Comic Book

Shades of Afrika Blog Post - Otito Graphics

You can find Ancient Kemet Comic books at Shades of Afrika.

Don't forget to visit to stay up to date with Otito Graphics and follow them on facebook @ancientkemetcomic