Apple Cider Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse - 16 Oz

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a well-known hair conditioner and scalp rejuvenation.  

The build-up of residue causes the hair to look dull.  Apple cider vinegar removes this residue and closes the cuticles, thereby allowing the hair to have a smoother surface and awesome shine.

It also prevents it from getting tangled.

The build-up of a scaly scalp can encourage an environment for hair fall.  Our Herbal Apple Cider Vinegar rinse removes this build-up, kills bacteria and helps to restore the natural pH balance of the hair.

This can be used on dry or wet hair.

We have made this product with all natural products 14 different organic herbs, aloe vera leafi juics, purified water, apple cider vinegar with mother.