African Religion The Goddess Vol 5 - Dr. Muata Ashby

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Type a description for this product here...AFRICAN RELIGION VOLUME 5: THE GODDESS AND THE EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES The Secret Forms of the Goddess and the Rituals of Resurrection The Supreme Being may be worshipped as father or as mother. Ushet Rekhat or Mother Worship, is the spiritual process of worshipping the Divine in the form of the Divine Goddess. It celebrates the most important forms of the Goddess including Nathor, Maat, Aset, Arat, Amentet and Hathor and explores their mystical meaning as well as the rising of Sirius, the star of Aset (Aset) and the new birth of Hor (Heru). The end of the year is a time of reckoning, reflection and engendering a new or renewed positive movement toward attaining spiritual Enlightenment.