A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought To Ask by Dr. Claud Anderson - Book

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A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask, Dr. Claud Anderson’s fifth book, was written to highlight and examine this ignored social construct on race, its effects on Black Americans and strategies they can use to take advantage of its weaknesses. Using a question and answer format, Dr. Anderson focuses on the etiology of White racism embedded within the social construct. The nation, however, ignores the exceptionalism of Black Americans, treats them as guests, then promotes the untruth that all groups have contributed equally in the development of this nation. Neither natives nor immigrants learn the accurate history of the nation and the fact that Blacks were the economic engine that drove the country’s development. A Black History Reader corrects the myths, distortions, lies and omissions about the exceptional contributions of Blacks. It is based on the socio-economic self-empowerment principles of PowerNomics®, so buy it, read it then help eradicate racism.