KA2 Philosophy and Method - Tdka Kilimanjaro, Ph.D.

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KA2: Philosophy and Method culminates 33 years of research and praxis in the area of philosophy, theory and methods. There are moments when enough has been analyzed and criticized, and it is time to just clear the intellectual ground of the debris of ages. There are moments when a careful tending of the first beginning of the new, which is growing among the ruins of the old on a soil still badly filled with trash, is more important. This is such a period.

KA2: Philosophy and Method offers in a single book a compendium of ancient and modern enlightenment wisdom on change, strife of opposites and transformation. 
Our task was to advance this ancient philosophical system (and its many adaptations overtime), to the level of an applied method. Why do you need a central organizing philosophy? Instead of continually stumbling around haphazardly, losing, not knowing with certainty what has happened are what will happen we needed to create and/or unearth and advance ancient philosophy and methodology that guaranteed modern theoretical clarity.

Essentially, KA2 is a return to the substance and source of ancient African philosophy by recovering the rational kernel of Africa’s ancient scientific and spiritual and ethical traditions and putting it to paper. In so doing, this book serves as a bridge, a portal, a medium for transmitting the transcendental wisdom of our ancestors across centuries. Some will ask: “Why put so much time and effort to unearth and modernize this ancient science of ideas?”

We study the past not merely to feel good about what we did, but to master the lessons of how we did things. Today, most are immune to human suffering, instead finding it acceptable to replace work with a prayer and claims of spirit saving us---as if spirit is not matter or expressed in some material form and activity, i.e., potential then kinetic energy. We must have works along with the faith or prayers or meditation.
Keeping alive the tradition of putting knowledge at the service of all members of the community, emancipatory knowledge, material culture, intermediaries affected, a life at the service of a cause: emancipate the continent from the cycles of defeat we offer KA2 to another generation.