The Swazi Shop

To keep it simple, the Swazi Shop started off as a family affair in the 1960s as some of Ashley's honorable ancestors and elders decided to open an African shop in East Chicago that sold African art, empowering books, and more. The shop brought African culture back into the Black community, but over time family members decide to move across the nation ,therefore, the Swazi Shop went into retirement.

In January 2019, upon visiting the East Chicago for the first time since her childhood, Ashley reunited her family and learn about the history of the Swazi Shop. Initially, when she heard about it she was in complete awe but later that year she was called to start holistic care company and decided to name it the Swazi Shop. 

Just like the original Swazi Shop, the current company promotes communal unity, knowledge of self, and stepping into of our power. In addition, the modern version of the Swazi Shop includes a spiritual twist to promote holistic healing of our mind, body, and soul with the tools of love, knowledge, and respect in order to pursue health, happiness, and abundance.