When The World Was Black: The Untold Story Of The World's First Civilization Part Two: Ancient Civilizations - Book

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When the World was Black, Part One, is the next book to read in the “Science of Self” series.

It begins with the earliest history of our ancestors as man, spreading across the globe to establish the world’s oldest cultures. You’ll read about how Black people invented amazing innovations and transformed the world hundreds of thousands of years ago. This series includes hundreds of references and photos to document the history of Black communities across the world in earliest times.

When the World was Black, Part Two, is the second part of this historical series, exploring the history of the world before Caucasians.

This book covers the history of the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Pacific Islands when they had thriving urban civilizations with massive stone and earth temples and pyramids, for thousands of years before their eventual destruction. What happened and why? This book explores Black history from a fresh new perspective, with hundreds of references and photos.