Urban Kryptonite: African Roots...Foreign Diseases-DVD

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Starring: Dr. Llaila Afrika, D'Jehuty Ma'at-ra, Dr. Aris Latham, Keisha Harris, Doctah B Sirius, Nubia Sutton, Dr. Ali Muhammad, Minister Enqi, Abundance Child, Kshamica MD, Cochise Tarak-Saa, Ron Elliott Jr, LaShana Nicole, Vida Amuah, Nefertiti Steward


URBAN KRYPTONITE is an unprecedented documentary that uncovers many occult truths triggering the decline in health of African-Americans

URBAN KRYPTONITE: "African Roots, Foreign Diseases” is the 1st documentary of its’ kind that solely focuses on the nutritional factors that have quietly contributed to the demise in health of the Moors, Hebrew-Israelites, Black Muslims, Baptists, Afro-Latinos, Asiatics, Five-Percent Nation, Kemet, Native Americans, Melanated People and many other names that are associated with the so called African-Diaspora descendants located in the Americas and world-wide. 

At present there exist a great deal of bewilderment as to how African-Americans lead the United States in major illnesses all the while accounting for only 13 percent of the nation’s actual population.

Contrary to popular belief, enslaved Africans did not arrive to the shores of America as a sick nation.

They were conditioned to be such. The result of the mental conditioning has led us down a road of early death, disease, broken homes, incarceration and psychological complacency.

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