The Black Seminole Legacy and North American Politics, 1693-1845 - Book

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The Black Seminole Legacy explores the influence wielded by fugitive slaves who fled to Florida and formed alliances with Native peoples, mainly Seminoles. It tells the hidden story of the impact that those people, known as Black Seminoles, had on the political policies of Spain, Britain, and the United States from 1693 to 1845.
Using government documents from those countries, the author shows how Black Seminoles affected and even influenced U.S. presidents, including Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Jackson. The Black Seminole leader Abraham, a particularly important character in this saga, is featured in the work. The book also reveals the important role of Black Seminoles in Spanish survival in Florida and in Florida's acquiring statehood.
The Black Seminole Legacy introduces new insights into Native and African-American relationships. It will fascinate the general, as well as the scholarly, reader.