The African Personality in America: An African-Centered Framework-Kobi Kazembe Kalongi Kambon

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THE AFRICAN PERSONALITY IN AMERICA: AN AFRICAN-CENTERED FRAMEWORK (1992). This book presents a critical psychological paradigm for African survival in the 21st Century based on the authentic African Survival Thrust. It introduces key psychological constructs of African Self-Consciousness as the proactive racial-cultural liberating and empowering psychological force in African Americans to account for optimal Afrocentric functioning, and that of Cultural Disorientation to account for African American psychological victimization under Eurocentric and White supremacy cultural domination of Africans in America. The book comprises some eight (8) chapters organized around the Worldviews Paradigm as the critical framework of analysis and for understanding authentic African psychological experience, and is based on Kambon’s extensive African-centered research on Black personality spanning across some 20 –plus years of study. It includes a glossary and an extensive bibliography.