Gye Nyame Holistic Products

Gye Nyame Holistic Products


Gye Nyame believes in the holistic approach to treatment, thus, the concept of balance which is the treatment of the mind, the physical body and the spirit of a person. 

The integration of the mind, body and the spirit for balanced health depends on:

• Nutrition / Diet: Fresh, well balanced, regular eating habits, seasonal foods, fresh air, and natural water
• Exercise: Conscious breathing, physical exercise, walking, and relaxation
• Spiritual Health: Meditation, prayer, contemplation, communication, creativity, spiritual connection, faith, belief, trust, and forgiveness
• Mental Health: Release of tensions, love, laugh, learn, positive thinking, affirmation, healthy relationships, community involvement and mindfulness

The goal of this kind of treatment (holistic) is to assist the person in regaining a balanced state.  Eg. If someone has a fever, perspiration or heat in the body, a holistic treatment will help the person to dispel excess heat.  With further information the practitioner can find out the source of the ailment.  The imbalance could be within the body, mind, the spirit, or maybe all three are out of balance with each other.

For each product, the ingredients are listed, followed by a brief description of their benefits.

Gye Nyame’s main ingredient for their products is Black Seed (Nigella Sativa).  Because of the benefit of Black Seed we stand behind their products 100%.  All of the products are made of natural ingredients.

The infusion of Black Seed and its oil make the products very unique in the healing process.  Present day drugs should be a reminder to return to the ancient times when people used the holistic approach.  They led a healthy lifestyle and lived longer.  As a car radiator needs flushing, so does the human body need cleansing.  We highly recommend the Black Seed Bitters.

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