Cosmetic Pouches-"Wake Pray And Slay All Day" By Kiwi McDowell

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Cosmetic Pouches/Wristlets

"Wake Pray And Slay All Day!" Cosmetic bag featuring art by Kiwi McDowell

Designer line of African American Bags and Accessories are essential to fans of ethnic bags and accessories including African America Tote Bags, Bible Bags, Lunch Bags, Cosmetic Pouches/Wristlets, Pocket Cosmetic Mirrors, Lipstick Cases, Purse Hangers and Pill Boxes.

Shades of Color, LLC is a black owned business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality African American products available. We began back in 1995 as a means of filling the void that existed within the calendar and gift business. We strive to bring genuine Black Art to our communities by working with Black Artists nationwide to create functional items such asCalendars and Planners, Bags and Wallets, Purse Accessories, Bible Covers, Mugs & Bottles, Floor Mats, Figurines, Stationery, Magnets, Christmas Cards and more.