Author - Ty Allan Jackson

ty-allan-jackson.jpgTy Allan Jackson strives to be a man with purpose. A Bronx, New York native and currently residing in The Berkshires, after years of working in corporate sales, Ty always felt he was meant to do more. He is a father, a husband, a businessman, a publisher, an author.

After many rejections from other publishers, he launched his own publishing company Big Head Books in June 2010. 

He is a recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Content of Character Award and has received citations by the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Senator, Benjamin Downing and the House of Representatives because of his efforts to promote literacy.

His books build self esteem and confidence in children by representing them in a modern, positive and fun way. 

Ty's goal is to teach the power of reading to every child. He has spoken to thousand of kids about the importance of literacy and they in turn have spoken to him, in person and through social media telling him how his books have changed the way they think about reading.