America's Little Black Book by Norris Shelton - Book

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This book contains what the author has learned concerning his racial uniqueness. Mr. Shelton believes that it can serve as a guide for those who are identified as the leaders of the inner-city people. He further believes that a different look at slavery, through optimistic eyes, would give black inner-city youths a clearer understanding of America and of their immediate surroundings and simultaneously instill an enduring pride in these youngsters. Mr. Shelton states: “If African American leaders are serious about promoting growth among their people, they need to bond tighter with their people and better understand America. They must become aware of how America operates behind the scenes. To understand what influences the racial growth of some American groups, and the lack of growth of others, these leaders must start at the beginning of the United States of America and compare the descendants of slaves ‘disregarded history to that of other racial groups that now reside in America, but whose fore parents weren’t slaves. They will see right away that it is the ‘shared’ mentality of an ethnic group that dictates their growth in the human race.”