African Peoples Contributions to World Civilizations Shattering Myths Vol. 1 by Paul L. Hamilton - Book

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With information, pictures and illustrations from Dr. Hamilton's workshops and presentations, this book explores the concept of a 21st Century Renaissance. Shattering the Myths is loaded with pictures and illustrations, providing evidence that:
Africans were in the Americas 1,000 years before Columbus!
•    Human beings started as Africans!
•    Nubia and Ancient Egypt and African cultures with African people
•    The Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, early Christians and Moslems were greatly influenced by African cultures and religions!
Dr. Hamilton lays out a blueprint for revitalizing African people world-wide. This plan of action calls for shedding old beliefs and creating a new paradigm " the 21st Century African Renaissance" with African people as leads and philosophers in academic, business, government, technological, and social fields